KIT DE REANIMATION // After Effects text preset : Airport Sign

A text preset. Comes with an .aep project for you to check out.

The idea is to have a text layer only with “g” in the Webdings font, to make the rotating squares.
In the example, to get this rectangle shape, I scaled the font 129% vertically and 70% horizontally.
And I pushed the tracking to 100..

And another layer, with a monospaced font. Then, you have to play with the characters size, scale and tracking to put each of them in the center of the squares.

In the example, I took the OCR font, with the same size as my webding font. I pushed the tracking to 50 but left both horizontal and vertical scaling to 100%.

You do the same animation on both layers, et voilà!
(Just be carefull that you need to have the same amount of letters on the square layer and the text layer, so just fill the blanks with spaces…)

Last thing I did in the example is to offset the “OCR” text anchor point, so my text is in front of the square shapes when they turn.

Download the Kit!

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