ATLAS – Weeks 1 & 2 at Oxford Brookes University – December 2017

ATLAS, by Marie G. Losseau and Yann Deval, is an experience that mixes augmented reality and virtual reality.
Spectators are invited to build virtual cities, using a « seed launcher ». Each launch will make an house grow.
The growing houses follows some urbanistic rules, they adapts to their environnement: cities in the cloud, uprooted cities, cities on stilts, flying cities…
These cities take on a life of their own, with or without the interactions of users, like living organisms…
The work consists of creating huge cities, for wandering and loose yourself.
To provoque a reflexion on the topics of urbanism, architecture, and their influence on our lifestyles.
And giving life to inanimate things…


Yann (REANIMATION and IMMERSIO) is working from December 2017 in artistic residency at Oxford Brookes University for six weeks. The goal is to create a prototype using the Microsoft Hololens headset, a mixed reality device allowing for the addition to reality of holograms reacting to their environment. 

Xanadu, the ATLAS flying house appears for the first time
in the Hololens, in an office of the Wheatley Campus
(Oxford Brookes University)…


ATLAS will be presented as an exhibition and an experience using Hololens and HTC Vive headsets.


During the experience, visitors ‘sprout’ entire cities from seeds they sow.
We present here the first tests of city construction in mixed reality created during those first weeks of the residency.

First test of creating houses that are ‘conscious’ of their
environment. The white cursor marks the user aim.


The technical tests were conducted with three scanned houses. At the moment, we have manufactured 60 different houses that are waiting to be scanned in 3D and integrated.


The videos embedded in this article were captured directly from the Hololens, and are thus relatively faithful to what the user experiences in the headset. 

Experimenting with gravity.

The first part of the residency was dedicated to familiarizing with the new medium. We experienced other Hololens projects, some of them created by WEKIT, the project that hosts the residency at Oxford Brookes University. 

Collisions of the virtual with the real, physical environment.
No house was injured during these tests : )


After first contact with the medium, we had to re-think a lot of the concepts behind ATLAS, considering new possibilities provided by the Hololens, but considering its limitations, too.

For example, the experience is better with smaller houses, to fit the limited Field of View of the Hololens.

We also had to rethink the planned viewing distance to the user – the distance where the action takes place. We wanted close interaction with the holograms, but Microsoft recommends a minimum distance of 85cm to 100cm between the user and the hologram.

Using the Hololens was very inspiring, and gave us new exciting ideas (more to come on this blog!)

An ‘AirTap’ means to perform a ‘click’ gesture with thumb and index finger.
We plan to work on more intuitive gestures for the interaction with the environment.


Photographs of wooden houses used in the holographic tests.


ATLAS is about creating huge cities.
Rendering and computational performance can take a lot of
photogrammetric models in the same scene.


The biggest difficulty we encountered during the residency was related to tools.
Our regular language/framework (VVVV) not compatible with Hololenswe had to learn new tools (Unity and C#).
We get support from the Performance Augmentation Lab (PAL) at Oxford Brookes, so we’re confident we can master this.


This residency at PAL, the laboratory supervised by Dr. Fridolin Wild, will continue during January 2018.

On the menu for the next weeks: experimenting with interaction between holographic houses and real models, working on gesture recognition, composing spatialized generative music coming out of the houses…


An experience by
Yann Deval & Marie G. Losseau

In collaboration with
WEKIT / Fridolin Wild (Oxford Brookes University) for the Mixed Reality part.

With the support of
VERTIGO STARTS program of the European Commission with IRCAM-Centre Pompidou and EPFL
Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale de Molenbeek Saint-Jean
Wallonie-Bruxelles International





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From Erasmus to Erasmus+: A story of 30 Years

It was as Animation Supervisors that we worked on these movies for the promotion of “Erasmus+” exchanges programs : From Erasmus to Erasmus+: A story of 30 Years. It has been produced by Latcho Drom, directed by Gil Bauwens and illustrated by 13pulsions, Soba and Cartoonbase, for ICF Mostra agency.


The series has been rewarded by a Silver Dolphin at Cannes Corporate Media Awards.


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Le Tout Nouveau Testament – VFX

“The Brand New testament” is the latest long feature film by belgian director Jaco Van Dormael.

God lives in an apartment in Brussels which he shares with his meek wife and his 10-year-old daughter Ea, to whom he is emotionally and physically abusive. She decides to rebel against her father. She steals the key to His office, accesses the scheduled dates of death of every human in the world and releases the information to them via their portable telephones.

It is to create and animate those 6 billions messages that VFX supervisor Emilien Lazaron called us.

It was an honour, as fan of Jaco’s movies, to get on board and create those messages that had some important narrative role !

Messages and countdowns design, animation and compositing by REANIMATION
VFX : Digital Graphics

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Les origines de Fontevraud – Bande son

LES ORIGINES DE FONTEVRAUD est un court-métrage animé commandé par l’abbaye de Fontevraud (France).
Le film est projeté dans l’abbaye, comme introduction à la visite de la crypte de l’église.

Pour voir le court-métrage, c’est ici : 

La talentueuse
Eve Deroeck s’est occupée de l’animation et de la réalisation, et nous a confié la supervision sonore et musicale du projet.

LES ORIGINES DE FONTEVRAUD est le premier projet entièrement créé/interprété/enregistré/mixé au studio musical de REANIMATION, par Yann Deval, Balir Ben Amor et JP Dassonville.

La composition musicale a été étroitement liée à l’animation du film, l’une influençant l’autre…
Le premier jet musical a été conçu sur l’animatic du film, puis Eve a animé chaque plan en collant au plus proche de cette maquette musicale.
Enfin, nous avons réalisés les enregistrements finaux des instruments sur le montage définitif.

Nous avons essayé d’éviter les clichés autour de l’abbaye (chants grégoriens), cherchant plutôt à accentuer l’aspect ludique de l’animation par l’utilisation d’instruments décalés (scie musicale, accordéon, percussions…).

La composition est construite autour de trois voix de cors qui s’enchevêtrent pour donner un ton épique à la construction de l’abbaye.

Tous les instruments ont été joués sur des instruments acoustiques par des musiciens :
scie musicale, glockenspiele, cors, buk, castagnes, rattle, vibraslap et percussions diverses, basse électrique, guitare classique, accordéon… (à l’exception du grand-orgue et des marimbas, joués via des plugins VST).


Director/Animation: Eve Deroeck
Music/Sound: Yann Deval, Balir Ben Amor, JP Dassonville
Mastering: Miloud Sassi
Production: Abbaye de Fontevraud
Year: 2016

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R//005 – Speechless

The R // videos are a testing ground for experimentations of new techniques (and ancient too),
following a constraint or theme.
This time, we had to deal with two constraints: the theme « Speechless », and a single day of production. Enjoy!
Animation, design & music by REANIMATION

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R // 004 : Bâchez la queue du wagon taxi avec les pyjamas du fakir

The R // videos are signed by each of the reanimators independently.
They’re a testing ground for experimentations of new techniques (and ancient too),
following a constraint or theme.

This time, we had to deal with three constraints: using the MIDI data contained in the music file, a « cadavre exquis » process between the four reanimateurs, and a single day of production. Enjoy!
Animation, design & music by REANIMATION.

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R // 003 : (De)structured Landscapes

The R // videos are signed by each of the reanimators independently.
They’re a testing ground for experimentations of new techniques (and ancient too),
with only one constraint or theme.

This time, we had to deal with two constraints: the (De)structured Landscapes theme, and a single day of production. Enjoy!

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KIT DE REANIMATION : Magna Animated Typeface

This summer, our opening title sequence for France televisions’ Hôtel de la plage was aired.
For this work, we originaly created an animated version of Hendrick Rolandez’s Magna Typeface.

Magna animated typeface

Unfortunately, we had to remove it from the final version of the sequence, but you know…

…this was a looooot of work and… … well you know…

… we love to share stuff !

So here it is, all cute, all animated, all free !

Download the Kit !

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KIT DE REANIMATION : Pigeon wing rig

If you need to animate a wing. A pigeon wing for instance. Maybe you’re animating a movie with two pigeon lovers hugging each other. Who knows…

Pigeon Rig

Well if you ever need to do that, we have tought about you! And we give away, freely as usual, a beautiful pigeon wing rig!

All prepared for Adobe After Effects CS6 and CC, it can be animated, feather by feather, in 2.5D space, with only 4 controllers !

Download the Kit !

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PERSIFLEUR // Making-of

Persifleur // Interactive Music Video

The idea of this interactive video came up in december 2011, based on a very simple concept : let the user “draw the music”.

Since then and until the public release of the video innovember 2013, there has been many steps:

Creating the typographies:
every single word in the song is hand drawn (using ink, brushes, or pen).

- Then we scanned the words, and animated them using After Effects,
following the intonations of the voice and instruments.

- Last but not least, the programming.
The animations are injected into the program, so that it reacts to the user’s actions.

The video was developped in Java using Processing.
The source code is available here.

It was built into a Web App thanks to ProcessingJs added to HTML5 / CSS / Javascript / PHP.

More infos to come…

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R // 002 : No Keyframe!

The R // videos are signed by each of the reanimators independently.
They’re a testing ground for experimentations of new techniques (and ancient too), with only one constraint or theme.

For this second serie, we made animations without any keyframes!

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RAIN MELODY // work in progress


After a week of learning Pure Data at the Imal, Boris came up with this…. thing.

« It was a beautiful sunny week though!

I’d like to keep working on this, mainly on the sound part.
But also maybe to get something more random and more organic in the image.
And maybe some day make an app out of it! »

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DELANTE TV got in contact with REANIMATION early in the project (during the writing of the season1) for the design of the opening credits.

The brief was simple : we had to create a 40s sequence which sets up the series’ universe:

the city of Paris
• modern investigation techniques
• introducing the detectives family

The general mood had to evoke the fresh, light and modern feel of the series…

This work came in continuity to a first collaboration between DELANTE and REANIMATION on the feature film MOI MICHEL G (released in 2011).



We follow a small investigation through Paris, jumping from one clue to another, via a “Google Streetview like” interface.

At first we don’t understand what the clues are leading to, but as we move through Paris, we realize that the object of our investigation is the Roche family…

The idea of the opening sequence is to get the spectator to want to watch the sequence again. At the begining of every episode he would notice a new detail.

The investigation is fluid, one clue calls another, the eye is constantly guided by a common thread which drives us elsewhere (a pen stroke, a mouse pointer…).

The investigation has a playfull aspect, it helps in feeling the light atmosphere of the series, far from the dramatic or shabby clichés other police series can have.



In this sequence, we wanted to show the tools a modern detective uses on a daily basis (which mainly consists in a clever use of tools we all have access to : search engines, cross-databases, social networks



In order to create animated streetviews, we used a very special capture technique which allowed us to create 360° stop-motion sequences.

In post-production we were then able to move inside these timelapses, changing the camera movements.

Here’s a different point of view on the introduction sequence :

We wanted to use another technique : photographic travellings, a technique we like to use on a regular basis with REANIMATION, which gives us a way to smoothly move through the city.



The choice of the track When You Know was a part of the brief from the very start.

The band Puggy was quite familiar to us as Yann worked on the motion graphics of their videoclip Dubois in 2007.




An Opening Sequence by REANIMATION

Yann Deval // Direction, shooting, compositing & sound design
Thomas Fage // Shooting & editing
Boris Wilmot // Motion-graphics design & animation
Stéphane Laplatte // Motion-graphics design & animation

Music by Puggy
Production by Delante TV
March 2012

The series DETECTIVES is aired on France 2 in spring 2013.

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Yesterday was the airing of the documentary Philippe Geluck, l’échappé belge. A biography of belgian cartoonist Philippe Geluck.

The briefing was pretty clear : “old paper texture and a typewriter writing on it”.

Pushing things further, we decided to write down a whole alphabet with an old 1920 Continental typewriter we had, and use it as our font. Looking organic, looking dirty, just as we like it!

Now that the movie is out, we wanted to give away this material, for free, for others to use it. So here it is, a new KIT DE REANIMATION, with the scanned Continental alphabet, as well as some sound recordings of the machine!

Download the Kit!

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R // 001 : REANIMATION logo animation, march 2013

The R // videos are signed by each of the reanimators independently.
They’re a testing ground for experimentations of new techniques (and ancient too), with only one constraint or theme.

For the first batch in march, we played around with the REANIMATION logo.

All videos were sound designed by Yann Deval.
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KIT DE REANIMATION // After Effects text preset : Airport Sign

A text preset. Comes with an .aep project for you to check out.

The idea is to have a text layer only with “g” in the Webdings font, to make the rotating squares.
In the example, to get this rectangle shape, I scaled the font 129% vertically and 70% horizontally.
And I pushed the tracking to 100..

And another layer, with a monospaced font. Then, you have to play with the characters size, scale and tracking to put each of them in the center of the squares.

In the example, I took the OCR font, with the same size as my webding font. I pushed the tracking to 50 but left both horizontal and vertical scaling to 100%.

You do the same animation on both layers, et voilà!
(Just be carefull that you need to have the same amount of letters on the square layer and the text layer, so just fill the blanks with spaces…)

Last thing I did in the example is to offset the “OCR” text anchor point, so my text is in front of the square shapes when they turn.

Download the Kit!

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To This Day is a project based on a spoken word poem written by Shane Koyczan called “To This Day”, to further explore the profound and lasting impact that bullying can have on an individual.

To This Day project asked animators and motion artists to pitch in to animate the spoken word poem.
We wanted to be part of this adventure, and submitted our vision : a child telling his story through his drawings.
Here you can see our 20 second part :

And Here is the full length spoken word poem!

“Schools and families are in desperate need of proper tools to confront this problem. We can give them a starting point… A message that will have a far reaching and long lasting effect in confronting bullying.
Animators and motion artists brought their unique styles to 20 second segments that will thread into one fluid voice.
This collaborative volunteer effort demonstrates what a community of caring individuals are capable of when they come together.”

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