PERSIFLEUR // Making-of

Persifleur // Interactive Music Video

The idea of this interactive video came up in december 2011, based on a very simple concept : let the user “draw the music”.

Since then and until the public release of the video innovember 2013, there has been many steps:

Creating the typographies:
every single word in the song is hand drawn (using ink, brushes, or pen).

- Then we scanned the words, and animated them using After Effects,
following the intonations of the voice and instruments.

- Last but not least, the programming.
The animations are injected into the program, so that it reacts to the user’s actions.

The video was developped in Java using Processing.
The source code is available here.

It was built into a Web App thanks to ProcessingJs added to HTML5 / CSS / Javascript / PHP.

More infos to come…

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